Watermelon Party Trick You Could Put To Use This Summer

I don't know about you but how often do we struggle with chopping up a watermelon without making a mess. I know I have and with summer fast approaching, It's time to learn some neat tricks. 

We as humans tend to do what our parents have shown us and take their methods as gospel, why not right ? Wrong, thanks to folks like DaveHax for example who comes up with hacks that not just make us wonder, why didn't I think of this or better yet my parents. His YouTube channel focuses on featuring a mixture of original ideas and reworks of classic concepts.

Don't get me wrong, I love what my parents have taught me so far and am truly grateful for it as well. We cannot blame them for not having the tools at the time to make life easy yet they somehow did their best. All they needed was a pineapple slicer tool to use on a WaterMelon!

The mess is kept to a minimum yet not a bad party trick.

I for sure am going to try this hack demonstrated in the video and will probably show it off to my parents as well.