Would You Date A Female Bodybuilder

Now I'm no expert in physiology or indeed gynaecology, but am I to believe that she is a woman, and moreover, what determines our gender, strictly speaking.

I can remember being but a boy, and being fascinated with the women I saw in movies (especially James Bond films, circa 1960's), and hoping, dreaming, that one day I would be lucky enough to have the privilege, yea the honour to but kiss one, and what I'm seeing here certainly wasn't part of that dating landscape.

Now I'm a man in my mid thirties, and I've of course dated some women, some feminine and some, well, let's just say were on the wrong side of the err 'testosterone spectrum', but they were all clearly identifiable as women, and from a distance at that.

I appreciate we're in 2017, and traditional gender roles are blurred, the age of acceptance, and inclusiveness, but I quite like the fact that my partner is petite, and ladylike, and I can tease her and wrestle her, and have that protective feeling over her, and no doubt feel like a masculine man around her, smack her on her rather generous derriere and tell ( I mean ask really) to make me a sandwich, but I'm not entirely sure that the same dynamic would be in play with our friend here in this video.

Perhaps its my own fragile ego, and sense of identity but knowing that your woman could more than likely re-arrange your limbs if you stepped out of line, wasn't part of the dream I had, when I was but a boy, and James Bond was charming the on screen starlets. Watch the video and judge for yourselves !