Unicorn Tears Wine Do Exist And You Can Actually Buy It Now

We've all heard of Unicorns, but imagine actually drinking wine containing Unicorn Tears…now that is something huh. This pink and sparkly wine is brought to you by GikLive, the original creators of the world's first blue wine back in 2016 and it may seem these guys have come up with another master piece.

So here is the Unicorn Tears in it's fully glory

unicorn tears pink wine

Described as :

🦄Made with real unicorn tears in an undisclosed location

🦄The tear-extraction process is completely natural (patent pending)

🦄12% alcohol

Unicorn tears is an authentic pink rosé that will add the magic touch to any party. The pink hue is so magical that it's hard to believe it's natural – but it is!

The pink colour is also a sign of security and personality. Do not fear – proudly enjoy a glass of the pinkest rosé, either with friends or at home.

The wine can be purchased here 

unicorn tears pink wine