Total Solar Eclipse 2017

Today: 21st August 2017,  anyone within the path of totality can see one of nature's most dazzling sights – a total solar eclipse. This path, where the moon will totally cover the sun and the sun's tenuous atmosphere – the crown – can be seen.

Image Credit: Pixabay

So who can see this, Everyone in North America, parts of South America, Africa and Europe – including the UK – will see at least a partial solar eclipse, where the moon covers only a part of the sun.

This divine occasion is a sunlight based obscuration in which the moon goes between the Sun and Earth and obstructs all or part of the sun for up to around three hours, from start to finish, as seen from a given location.  For this eclipse, the longest period when the moon completely blocks the sun from any given location along the path will be about two minutes and 40 seconds.

Here is how much the world is looking forward to the Total Eclipse







Check out the Solar Eclipse 101 video below.


You can also watch it live broad casted by NASA TV Here