People Respond To Theresa May Admitting To Eating Jam After It's Best Before Date

People Respond To Theresa May Eating Jam After Its Best Before Date
via @GraziaUk / Pixabay

I quite don't know how to respond to this. I mean, the moment I see mould on a product, boy that is going straight to the bin. But then again, after reading Theresa May's admission, as first reported by the Daily Mail, that she eats expired jam by scraping the mould off the top of jam and eat what's underneath. This definitely caught my attention, yet the thought of it just makes me sick, that's just me. In fact, even the food experts cautioned that eating visibly expired food can be dangerous and expose people to "unseen toxins." after reading her statement.

via @GraziaUK

People of course had a mixed reactions to this, going as far to admitting that they've been doing this for several years and are fine and dandy. This statement also brought back PM Theresa May's food controversy back in 2016 when The Sunday Times published her recipe for scones which was heavily criticised by people followed with more criticism on her expired jam statement.

The question we'd ask you folks is this. How old was the actual jam for mould to start developing on it or does Theresa May intentionally wait for the jam to go mouldy before she eats it?