The Official Best Memes Of 2018 | Meme Review

The Official Best Memes Of 2018 | Meme Review

I by no means am good at creating memes but I do respect the folks who come up with them. Just the sheer thought of creating a meme knowing that it's going to go viral is just some next level shit. However, after scouring the inter web, we have compiled the official best memes of 2018 for your pleasure.

1. Squinting Woman Meme

2. Alexa Play Meme

3. Savage Patrick / Evil Patrick Meme

4. When He Calls You Bro Meme

5. 5 Year Old Cardi B Meme

6. Walmart Yodel Kid Meme

7. Bongo Cat Meme

8. Surgery On A Grape Meme

9. Young Thug And Lil Durk Meme

10. A Star Is Born Meme

11. Ariana Grande Thank You Next Meme

12. Pee After Sex Meme

13. Hurt Me Meme

14. Scared To Moan Meme

15. Moths Meme

16. Real Name Google Search Meme

17. Is This A Pigeon Meme