Take Inspiration from Cristiano Ronaldo's Posts On Instagram

With 110 million followers, the Portuguese phenom known to fans as 'The sultan of the stepover', has transcended the sport of football. He is an athlete, model, businessman, ambassador, and a father, to name but a few things.

Having the 3rd most popular instagram account in the world is no small feat, but a quick look at what he posts there would make it clear why that's the case. He gives his fans a true insight into his life, from family time to the pitch, and is a source of inspiration for millions around the globe.

We spent some time browsing through his posts, and present to you a quick peek into the life of CR7 – enjoy.

1.A maestro on the pitch.

2.Enjoying the fruits of his labour.

3.Family man.

4.Consistent award winner.

5.An inspiration to the youth.

6.Model – enjoy ladies.

7.Business man extraordinaire.

8.A fan favourite.

9.An ambassador for the sport.

10.Multiple cup winner.

For more of his content, visit his instagram account, and if you fail to be inspired, check your pulse for signs of life. See Cricket News