Dude Sends McDonald's Big Mac Into Space And Ate It After It Returned To Earth

Does It Taste Out Of This World

First it was the kebab that got launched into space back in 2017, by Pascal Leuthold of the Mediterranean take-away chain, AYVERDI’S. Now YouTuber Killem just joined the ranks of those who have sent food into space, if there is a list of course. He might have also done all of us a favour, by sending the McDonald's Big Mac into space and confirm to all of us that the earth is indeed round and not flat. The burger was launched 100,000 feet, 24 miles high into space and where temperatures drop to minus 50 degrees celsius.

According to Today.com, Killem was quoted saying

I’ve seen people send stuff to space but no one ever sent a burger to space, so I wanted to be the first to give it a go! It took a couple of weeks of preparation, to make sure we had everything exactly how it needed to be

The feat was achieved by the YouTuber who used a weather balloon, four canisters of helium, a GoPro camera and the famous Big Mac burger. You can hear him say in his video

There’s so many things that can go wrong!… I’ve done maths for the first time in years, He said the GoPro could freeze or overheat, the string could snap, the balloon could pop, or the tracker could stop working.

Watch the full video and enjoy the feat.