GCSE Results Day And The Anxiety Kicks In

So you've spent the last few weeks with your nose buried 3 layers deep inside your books. Game Of Thrones and Power have taken a back seat, your PS4 hasn't seen the light of day, and your on/off girlfriend's whatsapp messages haven't been answered within the usual 30 seconds. Your friends are this close to calling the Coast Guard, the Fire Bridgade, the RAF, and MI5 to uncover your location. As you observe your reflection in the mirror, you've aged by at least 5 years, that t-shirt you've worn for 3 days in a row is beginning to develop its own ecosystem, and you realise that you've barely scratched the surface of what you need to learn.

Exam day draws nearer, you've sacrificed your time and effort but that slight anxiety lingers in the background, whispering to you, taunting you, casting doubts in your mind, but you do your best to compose yourself.

Those all too familiar oak doors open, you inhale that unmistakable smell of your peers, with their musky aftershaves, and overly applied hairspray. You take your seat, anxiously smirk at your friends, as your feel a knot tighten in your stomach. The bell rings and the results are here.

Let's turn to twitter as always;