Eclipse Vs Trump

Don't sit so close to the tv, don't cross the street when cars are passing, don't get into cars with strangers, and don't look directly at the sun. We all remember our parent's admonitions from a young age, they made sense for the most part, and I for one have managed to avoid being mown down by vehicles, snatched up by the Jimmy Savilles amongst us, and my eyesight is intact.

Here is what twitter had to say;

That never changing smirk

It would seem though that one Donald J Trump paid no attention to his parent's instructions, and decided to have a stare-down with the sun during the eclipse. His advisers should perhaps advise him that it's not advisable to look at the sun, but then again he might interpret their advice as fake news. I'm convinced that his detractors might suggest that if the US presidency isn't enough then he ought to vacate this planet and set up shop a tad closer to the sun. Perhaps Mercury.

Yes, yes, the sun is up.

Oh well, we live in hope…

President turned maths teacher, for a spot of geometry.

So there we have it, the 'leader' of the free world….