Difficult Customer Gets What She Asked For But Regrets It After It Was Too Late

Difficult Customer Gets What She Asked For But Regrets It After It Was Too Late

There is nothing sweeter than hearing stories about how difficult customers can be over petty things, yet when they do realise just how pathethic their tantrum was, it cannot get any better. Well that's exactly what happened in this story shared by Reddit user DarklyNear, where he talks about how a difficult customer demanded him and colleague to place a heavy sofa on her delicate wooden floorboard, the story goes as follows…

Back in my ware house days there were occasions where the customer service Manager (who is still a great friend of mine even to this day ) would ask for myself and a few ware house workers to help him re-deliver and re-install a repaired / re ordered sofa for a customer.

The day of the re delivery the Customer Service Manager (CSM) pulls me aside and warns me that this lady is extremely difficult and aggressive.

In this instance she ordered a leather sofa in a high quality leather, paid top dollar , waited for 22 weeks and on delivery decided she didn’t like the colour.

Now normally the company doesn’t do re orders for change of mind when it comes to choosing the wrong colour… but this lady made such a fuss and complained so much that the General Manager made an exception.

We get to the home and our contract driver is just unloading.

The customer has chosen a MASSIVE three seater recliner with a metal frame and bracket on the bottom.

Normally with the metal bracket comes special plastic stoppers that go on each foot of the frame and each edge of the metal bracket so that no damage will occur to a customers floor.

As we carefully navigate the sofa into this ladies lounge room she starts bitching loudly that us warehouse workers are-

  • dirty

  • idiots

  • lazy

  • too slow

We begin to unwrap the lounge and this lady is getting impatient. She’s bitching to the CSM

“How much longer is this going to take?”

CSM re-assures her that we are taking our time to ensure that the sofa is unwrapped and in perfect condition.

What we also note is this lady has light wooden floor boards… so I immediately move to start placing the stoppers on the floor.

This woman starts shrieking –

“Why is he touching my lounge? Is he BREAKING IT?”

Me – “ no miss I’m just—“

Woman “don’t talk to me… get your filthy hands away from my lounge “

Me “I just need a few seconds to put these rubber —“

Woman “ put my lounge down… NOW!! Or I’m calling the manager “

I shoot a look to the CSM and he just shrugs.

We place the sofa directly onto the floor boards and we can already hear a scrape.

CSM hands the lady his paper work . She signs off on a successful redelivery, and signs off that we have assembled the lounge as required and placed it where she wants.

This lady smirks at us and plonks herself down onto the lounge. There’s a scraping sound as the metal frame digs into the wooden floor boards.

We grab all the plastic packaging and make our way back To the store.

Guess what was waiting for us??

A customer complaint… according to this lady we damaged her very expensive floor boards .

CSM shows where this customer signed off on a successful re-delivery and that we assembled and placed the lounge to her satisfaction.

She got exactly what she asked for

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