Crazy Ex Girlfriends

If you're a heterosexual male such as me, or indeed a lesbian, then during your dating 'career' you've probably encountered a wide spectrum of personalities/characters in your girlfriends. Anywhere from the shy and demure wallflower, to the fiery and irrational hydrogen bomb of a woman.

Plates have been smashed, mobiles cast to the four winds, clothes torn up, tyres slashed, and profanities spewn out that would make a sailor blush. All in the name of love, or rather lust in most cases, and if you've survived to tell the tale then count yourself lucky, as you recall the wars you've endured.

You smile to yourself as you remember the jealous rages, the uncertainty of things, the outbursts of unrestrained and unabashed passion, and the ultimate culmination of things when the end came. Yes, you smile, you smile because you escaped an inevitable catastrophe, a runaway locomotive, an atom bomb.

On a lighter note;




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