10 Movies That Will Turn You Into An Emotional Wreck

We like our happiness, however we require our trouble, as well. So bring a crate of tissues or dried out cosmetics wipes and settle in for some melancholic film viewing. It's not tied in with floundering in hopelessness, it's tied in with losing all sense of direction in a story that catches the full human experience, with the greater part of its highs and lows. Regardless of whether you're searching for epic disaster, invigorating heroics, or a cry-off-your-mascara romantic tale, here are 10 Movies That Will Turn You Into An Emotional Wreck…

1. Big Fish

Big Fish


2. ET 



3. Ghost

ghost film


4. Good Will Hunting

good will hunting


5. Green Mile

Green Mile


6. The Lion King

lion king


7. Up

Pixar Up


8. The Notebook

the notebook


9. The Time Travellers Wife

The Time Travellers Wife


10. Titanic